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    Sway Vibes No. 4 - Black

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    Product number : SV004BLK
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    Product information

    • Luxury wand vibrator
    • Convenient format
    • 10 Vibration settings
    • Flexible neck
    • Easy to use
    • Waterproof
    • Soft silicone material
    • Toy bag supplied
    • Colour: Black

    This Sway Vibes Wand Vibrator has a luxurious look and a powerful motor. The soft, flexible head provides ideal clitoris stimulation. The ergonomic design means this vibrator is easy to hold and easy to operate using the buttons on the front. Sway Vibes No. 4 has 10 vibration settings and provides deep, intense vibrations that will effortlessly bring you to climax, time after time. You can quickly recharge the vibrator with the included USB cable.

    Clean your toy after use with lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: SV004BLK
    • Brand: Sway Vibes
    • Colour: Black
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: Sway Vibes No. 4 - Black


    • Length: 20.00 cm
    • Maximum diameter: 4.20 cm


    • Material: ABS, silicone
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
    • Stimulation Target: Clitoris
    • Length charging cord: 100 cm

    Power & Speed

    • Vibration power: Extra Powerful Vibrations
    • Operation: Push button
    • Vibration Type: Adjustable vibration / multispeed
    • Settings: 10
    • Run Time: 480 min
    • Power: Charger (USB)
    • Charge Time: 120 min

    More specifications

    • User level: More Experienced
    • Size: 3
    • Weight: 127 gram
    • Package size: 29x12x6.5 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 8719934001886

    Service & Returns

    Reviews (16)

    16 reviews
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    • Marc
      Tester review
      'Sway' is the key word describing what this vibrator brand offers; It wants to ensure that the user moves in a sensual way to the vibrations of these toys. The brand already exists for a few years and recently expanded its range with this mini wand vibrator. "Would we like to test it", the EasyToys girl asked. Yes, we would! Because at the time, we were also very enthusiastic about the Sway Vibes No. 1.

      What is the Sway Vibes No. 4 actually?

      The Sway Vibes No. 4 is a small wand vibrator with an ergonomic and stylish design. The 'neck' is flexible which allows the head to move a little. You operate the Sway Vibes No. 4 with only two buttons: an on/off button and a button to run through the different settings. There are three constant settings of varying intensities and seven different patterns.

      Furthermore, this mini wand vibrator is entirely covered by silicone and the item is waterproof. The Sway Vibes No. 4 weighs only 380 grams. You charge it with the USB cable supplied.

      Unboxing the Sway Vibes No. 4

      The Sway Vibes No. 4 comes in luxurious packaging, that completely fits with the indulgence that the brand promises. When you remove the cardboard packaging, you have a nice black box that you could actually use as a storage box. But fortunately, it also contains a satin storage pouch, which means you do not lose much room in your nightstand.

      Furthermore, there is a USB charging cable in the box and a user manual (also in Dutch).

      The test drive

      This really is a very nice vibrator. Extremely beautifully finish, with a luxury look. If you look closer at the Sway Vibes No. 4, a few things stand out.

      Firstly, the silver-colored strap at the top. While that is extremely beautiful (really wonderful!), these details can also be the source of bacteria.

      The silicone feels wonderfully soft, but is rather static, where it attracts some dust and hair. Therefore, give it a wipe with a (moist) cloth before use.

      The Sway Vibes No. 4 was not charged when it came out of the box. The battery has to be fully charged for 2 hours to provide 90 minutes of play.

      The ergonomic design also stands out. The item fits in the hand perfectly thanks to the curve in the shaft.

      And then that shaft. I was a bit confused by this. You see, the Sway Vibes No.1 has two motors so you can use it both as a wand vibrator and as a vibrator shaft. And the tip of the shaft of the Sway Vibes No. 4 looks as if it is intended for penetration. Despite this, the No. 4 has 'only' one motor. A pity, because now you can only use the shaft as a dildo (which is also fine).

      And then its operation. I have to be honest, personally, I think there is room for improvement. You switch on the Sway Vibes No. 4 by holding the on/off button for a few seconds. The buttons start flashing. Then use the other button to run through the settings. Every time that you press it, it proceeds to the next setting. There is no 'back' button. We (my partner and I) especially love the constant vibrations and want to vary them. But if you wish to return from setting 3 (the hardest vibrations) back to setting 2 (medium vibrations), then you first have to run through all patterns.

      But ... the vibrations are absolutely great. They are not so intense as that of a 'large' wand vibrator, but sufficient to provide an intense orgasm. And despite the intense vibrations it is still very quiet.


      Lubricant and bodily fluids can easily gather between the transition of the silicone and that rim. Fortunately, the Sway Vibes No. 4 is completely waterproof, which allows you to rinse it off under the tap and even completely submerge it. I recommend you pay extra attention to that rim, for example, by scrubbing with a washcloth. Naturally, you can also use some toy cleaner.


      The Sway Vibes No. 4 is a very beautiful and luxurious mini wand vibrator with seriously good vibrations. This is a perfect toy for solo use on the clitoris or the frenulum (penis head), or to use as a couple during sex, or in combination with other toys. The shaft can also be used as a dildo (unfortunately not as a vibrator).

      The PROS of the Sway Vibes No. 4:

      Beautifully designed
      High-quality materials
      Soft silicone
      Strong motor
      Ergonomic design
      Shaft can also be used as a dildo
      Storage bag included

      The CONS:

      The material attracts some dust
      Transition next to the silver-colored rim needs extra attention during cleaning
      No 'back-and-forth' mode when operating
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    • Mark
      Amazing purchase. Multiple screaming orgasms guaranteed!
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    • Opgooier
      This product is really incredible. Gets the job done every time. Even when things don't seem to work out for a while, grab this and enjoy.

      Worth every penny!
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    • dreamer45
      Doesn't vibrate hard enough, the previous one was better
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    • Deedee
      Very nice good buttons and nice to hold
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    • Mark
      Just lovely. The vibrations may not be the most powerful, but they do bring me to ecstasy. Nice that there are also multiple options.
      I hadn't considered taking a Wand as a toy before. Am glad I got it now!
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    • Echtpaar
      In one word; great for both women and men! Perfect vibration settings. We asked ourselves why we didn't buy a wand vibrator sooner.
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    • Manon
      Really good wand vibrator. I had the Yiva before, but because it broke I bought this more expensive one. It is pretty expensive, but certainly worth the money. The vibrations are great and the toy feels nice in your hand.
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    • Boy piercing
      This thing is great, should have bought this way earlier. Makes me cum extremely good because of the multiple settings, so good to play with this every evening.
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    • Boy piercing
      This thing is great, should have bought this way earlier. Makes me cum extremely good because of the multiple settings, so good to play with this every evening.
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