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    Top 10 - Masturbators

    Your fantasy is in your own hands

    The range of masturbators is unprecedented! This sex toy is specially designed for him and makes solo adventures even better. Masturbators have a stimulating inner structure to make the simulation of sex as lifelike as possible. There are different types of masturbators, including maturbators that are exact replicas of porn stars. The openings of the different masturbators mimic the feeling of oral sex. This sex toy provides a lifelike experience, they give you the feeling of a real vagina, mouth or anus. Besides the classic masturbators, we also offer anus masturbators in our assortment. This sex toy is used for masturbation, but it can also make the foreplay more exciting.

    Which sex toy suits me best?

    Due to the wide range of different types and sizes, there is always one that suits you. In our collection you will find mouth, anus, artificial vagina and vibrating masturbators. Your orgasm is literally up for grabs! Because of the wide range of products we can imagine it's hard to choose which one suits you best. To make your first experience as pleasant as possible, we have listed the top 10 masturbators for you.

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    With our sex toys you enjoy your moments alone or with your partner. Our top 10 masturbators offer you guaranteed pleasure. The top 10 shows you the most popular masturbators.