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    The top 5 vibrator brands

    With the vast array of vibrators it can be difficult to find the best vibrator for you. For three reasons, we have selected five of the best vibrator brands for you to suit different needs and preferences! We have carefully selected these brands based on their quality, price and customer reviews.

    1. EasyToys Vibe Collection
    2. Good Vibes Only
    3. Bloom
    4. MyMagicWand
    5. Pantyrebel


    EasyToys Vibe Collection

    The perfect way to begin your journey to sexual pleasure is with a vibrator that offers great functionality without spending a lot of money. The EasyToys Vibe Collection is a delightful collection of vibrators that we can recommend to any novice user. The collection offers an excellent entry point for those who have little to no experience with sex toys. The toys are compact, comfortable to use and affordably priced. The perfect way to begin your journey to sexual pleasure is with a vibrator that offers great functionality without spending a lot of money.

    The EasyToys Vibe Collection is specially designed for lovers of classic vibrators. The classic rabbit vibrator delivers vaginal and clitoral pleasure at the same time. The design of a rabbit vibrator consists of two parts: one that plugs into the body and another attached external arm that provides additional stimulation around the clitoris or other erogenous zones. The speed and intensity can be adjusted to customize your experience by using different vibration settings.


    Good Vibes Only

    The wonderful Good Vibes Only collection includes various clitoral vibrators and tarzan vibrators in the most cheerful colors. For example, you will find in the range various tarzan vibrators to receive both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, as well as, for example, a cute clitoral stimulator with two ears that fall around the clitoris and pamper it with delicious vibrations. The vibrators have a luxurious look and are each made of soft silicone material. Each product in the collection is designed to provide ultimate pleasure for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

    The use of silicone not only means that the toys feel great on the skin, but also that you can easily clean your new toy after each use. In addition, the brand's vibrators are USB rechargeable and completely waterproof. You can therefore safely take the vibrators with you in the shower or bath.



    A feast for the eyes, the Bloom collection uses a unique swipe technology that makes it easy to find the most appropriate vibration speed. Once you select one of the 5 vibration modes, all you have to do is move your finger from left to right to change the vibration speed. It's that simple! No more irritating buttons and cables that can take you out of the moment.

    The vibrators in the Bloom collection are made of silky soft silicone that feels pleasant on the skin and is easy to clean. Each Bloom vibrator also comes with a comprehensive manual, explaining how to operate, use and tips for cleaning and maintaining the vibrators. Quiet and powerful motors, different vibration modes and beautiful packaging make this toy a must-have for the discerning user!



    The MyMagicWand delivers deeply penetrating vibrations that can help relax tense muscles and provide pleasure in even the most intimate areas. Wand vibrators are one of the most popular massage tools on the market today. They are designed to be used on all parts of the body, from the back and neck to the more intimate areas.

    MyMagicWand also offers a variety of accessories that can be used in conjunction with the wall vibrator for an even more pleasurable experience. With attachments specifically designed for massage, clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation, MyMagicWand offers a suitable experience for every user. Whether you're looking for a relaxing massage or something more stimulating, MyMagicWand has it all!



    Pantyrebel vibrator panties are revolutionizing the way women experience pleasure. These unique panties have a specially designed compartment that precisely fits the included overlay vibrator. Vibrating panties allow women to enjoy intimate experiences without anyone knowing. The vibrating panties come with a remote control that allows you or your partner to control the intensity and frequency of vibrations.

    These toys are specially designed for women who want to enjoy an exciting, hands-free experience. The vibrator has 12 different vibration modes that are easily controlled using the included remote control. These vibrating panties come in four different styles, including boyshorts, tanga panties, thongs and classic panties. Of course, the overlay vibrator can also be used without briefs.


    Want to know more about vibrators?

    When you don't yet know what type of vibrator suits you past, we are happy to help you on your way. We would also like to tell you more about how you can best use and maintain your new sex toy to enjoy it for as long as possible.