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    UP- Green Power

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    4 capsules (£ 6.50 / tabs)
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    Product number : 15609327
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    Product information

    • Dietary supplement
    • Natural ingredients
    • Specially designed for men
    • Enhances overall performance
    • Made in Germany
    • Colour: White
    • Content: 4 capsules

    UP- Green Power is a dietary supplement for men that is made from natural ingredients. Power Booster can stimulate blood circulation in the penis and increase your libido. One pill lasts approximately 24 hours. Take the pill with an ample amount of water.

    The ingredients of UP- Green Power consist of the following plant extracts:

    • Ginseng and goji extracts are believed to have potency-enhancing properties.
    • Mumijo can be used to increase overall performance.
    • Zinc contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.
    • Vitamin C contributes to normal energy metabolism and the reduction of fatigue.
    • Zinc contributes to the maintenance of a normal testosterone level in the blood.

    Ingredients: Ginsengextrakt, Gojiextrakt, Mumijo, Hydroxpropylmethylcellulose (Kapselhülle),
    Zinkgluconat, Zimt, L-Ascorbinsäure (Vitamin C).

    Do not exceed the recommended dose. A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. A nutritional supplement is no substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Consult an expert before taking any supplements in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, use of medication or illness. The desired result may vary from person to person. 

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: 15609327
    • Brand: N1 up
    • Colour: White
    • Warranty: No
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Content: 4 capsules
    • Original name: UP- Green Power

    More specifications

    • Weight: 14 gram
    • Package size: 1.8x7x10 cm
    • Origin: Germany
    • EAN: 4170000064848
    • Unit price: 4 capsules (£ 6.50 / tabs)

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    6 reviews
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    • Rico
      Tester review
      Actually, I never thought I would need an extra boost. My body naturally performs more than well and with a few extra hours of sleep it goes extremely well. Despite this, I tried the Power Booster from N1 up and it surprised me a little.

      The capsules come in a simple dark box with only the logo and the slogan ‘natural power booster’ on the front. At first glance it looks boring, but the box is strong and has serious luxurious looks. This German product is made of only natural supplements, think proven potency and performance increasing Ginseng and Mumijo. The capsules themselves have two colors, white and a greenish color. For some reason, the green looks very natural and I also secretly expect that a bit from a food supplement on a natural basis. But as I already said, I never thought I would need it but even so, the Power Booster capsules from N1 up surprised me.

      N1 up claims that one capsule per 24 hours should be enough and that is just about right. They recommend to take a capsule a minimum of 2 hours in advance with your lunch, in any case not on an empty stomach. When taking it you do not notice anything immediately, but during the day you feel a certain ‘something’ in your body. Describing the feeling is a bit tricky, because it is a feeling, but it resembles an awareness. As in, that you have more desire to get an erection and also want to do something with it. I took the 4 capsules over a week and every day I got the same feeling in my body, it was not simply in my head, I was convinced of that. The arousal I felt on the day I took a capsule was completely absent on days that I did not take a capsule.

      So far it felt strange for me, but I remain positive about the capsules. Crazy, right? On the one hand it gave me an extra boost, but on the other hand an unnatural light has been switched on in my brain. That is rather crazy, as the N1 Up capsules are made from natural ingredients, but I´m sure you know what I mean. The stimulation was certainly pleasant and gave me really pleasant/wonderful days and evenings. It seemed in any case to have an effect on my body and particularly the drive for intimacy!
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    • Danny
      Tester review
      The pills come in a small, discrete, black packaging. There are 4 pills in total, one per 'session'. All the ingredients are vegan and natural which is ideal for people who want to enhance their sex life in a natural way. The pills themselves are quite easy to swallow and are about the same size as a normal Ibuprofen.

      It is recommended to take the pill about 1.5 hours before you want the desired effect. After taking it, I experienced mild to moderate effects. It is all natural after all, so do not expect the effects to be too drastic. It's a natural libido booster to get you in the mood and I also noticed that my stamina was improved.

      I would say it's more of a soft aphrodisiac. All in all, it is worth a try but again, don't expect the same results that you would get with chemical substances.
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    • Marc
      Tester review
      Everyone - including myself - can sometimes use something extra to get the best out of them. Because sometimes your libido needs a boost. Right? Well, I have tried chemical products, such as Kamagra, but I have been looking for a natural alternative for some time. So yes, I was curious about the N1 up capsules.
      n1 up

      Why use a food supplement to improve your libido?

      Hundreds of thousands of men in the Netherlands have (had) problems with impotency. Now and then they have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. And as they get older, the problem often increases. Sometimes the cause is psychological (for example fear of failure or pressure to perform), but also fatigue, or problems with circulation can play a role.

      N1 up is a food supplement. Food supplements are products in the form of pills, powders, drops, capsules or drinks and are intended as additions to the daily diet. You are perhaps aware of, for example, vitamin C complex tablets, that you can use to improve your immune system. Supplements have the same effect as the vitamins and minerals that are naturally in food and drinks, but the body often absorbs the nutrients in pills much easier than the nutrients in food.

      Well, I have also used these multivitamin pills before, but have to honestly say that I did not feel any direct effect. So, what is the situation with N1 up?

      What is N1 up Natural Power Booster?

      The Power Booster from N1 up is a food supplement which is made from natural ingredients. The composition is focused on men that wish to boost their libido every now and then - for whatever reason. The Power Booster capsules can stimulate the circulation of the penis and can cause an increase in libido.

      The ingredients of N1 up consist of a number of plant extracts. It contains Ginseng and Goji extracts. These are two ingredients that are renowned for their potency-increasing and stress-reducing properties. It also contains Mumijo. This is an ingredient from alternative medicine that increases vitality and can improve performances. It also contains cinnamon, which has an arousing effect. N1 up also contains vitamin C which can reduce fatigue and finally also contains zinc. Zinc is also renowned for maintaining a normal testosterone level in the blood.

      Therefore, N1 up is not a medicine, such as Viagra or Kamagra, but a food supplement. It is made by German company Pharmedix, which makes various medicines and food supplements

      Unboxing N1 up Natural Power Booster

      I received a test package from Pharmedix sent by EasyToys. This package contained 4 capsules.

      The box looked rather 'premium'. And by 'premium' I mean 'expensive'. Not that strange, if you consider that each capsule costs almost €10.

      Along the strip with 4 capsules there is also an instruction leaflet with exact information about the composition and use. The leaflet says, among other things, that the capsule should not be taken on an empty stomach, preferably with food and approximately 2 hours before being 'required' (read: 'before you have sex'). Then the N1 up works for approximately 24 hours.

      In addition to the box, I also received a brochure and a handwritten letter from Pharmedix where they wished me 'lots of pleasure´ ´together with my partner'. Ah, so sweet! Yes, really! I always greatly appreciate that type of personal note.

      The test drive

      To be honest I did not really know what to expect. As I said, I am familiar with the effects of Kamagra. You do not instantly become horny if you take it, but you do get an erection which can last for hours. And if I take multivitamins - for example to build up my immune system in the winter - then I actually do not notice any effect. So, I was skeptical, but also curious.

      Day 1: The first time I took an N1 up capsule after breakfast at approximately 10 a.m. So, around noon I started to feel a sort of 'awareness'. It is hard to describe, but it felt like I became more aware that I had a penis than normal. In the afternoon I felt more turned on than I normally would on a week day. And it seemed that my erection was larger and thicker that day. Was this due to the N1 up, or was it all in my head?

      Day 2: I decided to take another capsule the next day, approximately at the same time and again after breakfast. And damn, the feeling from yesterday returned; the feeling as if I had heavy genitals. And it again seemed that my erection was larger and thicker. I also had spontaneous 'desire'.

      Day 3 and 4: I decided to take a break. I was still rather skeptical. Perhaps my horny feeling was caused by something else. Maybe it was the porn movie I watched or the story I was writing for my blog? But in the days that I did not take the capsules, the arousal disappeared and that feeling of being more aware of my penis. Could it be?

      Day 5: There is only one way to test it. So, I took a third capsule after breakfast. And yes; there was the feeling again. The same aroused feeling and the spontaneous half-hard erection which grew to unprecedented proportions with a bit of stimulation.


      I am a scientist of sorts so I understand like no other that this experiment is not really evidence. In research terms this is called 'n=1', which means that the research results are anecdotal. Many types of factors could have played a role, such as the movie that I watched, the weather, the clothes my partner wore on those days, how well I slept the night before, ... But I still cannot escape the feeling that I actually did feel an effect from these capsules.

      The PROS from N1 up Natural Power Booster:

      Ingredients on the basis of plant extracts
      It seemed to increase the sex drive, provide a better erection and offer increased stamina

      The CONS:

      It is not exactly cheap. Not even in comparison with Kamagra
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    • Nickos
      Great stuff, works well, take it half an hour beforehand
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    • Nick
      Works well for me. Great stuff.
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    • mehdi
      This product had no effect on me, before I used another product that was 100% natural to combat my erectile dysfunction, but this one has been out of stock for a few months now, so since then, I've been trying out other products of this type (based on my financial expenditure/morals) and this one didn't suit me one bit, I'll try out the other products on the site in the hope that I'll find one that works for me
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