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Vibrating Vagina Sucker

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Product number : 05561810000
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Product information

  • Vibrating attachment
  • Transparent model
  • Simulates the feeling of oral sex
  • Plasticizer-free
  • Strong suction
  • Colour: Transparent

New: With vibrations!
Just press sucker at vagina and excite vacuum. Your vulva will swell in a second... Switch on vibro-egg and enjoy the stimulating feeling. Incl. Flutsch-lubricum.

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Sizes & specifications

Product information

  • Product number: 05561810000
  • Brand: You2Toys
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
  • Original name: Vibrating Vagina Sucker


  • Material: ABS
  • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
  • Stimulation: Vaginal stimulation, Clitoral stimulation
  • Way of pumping: Squeeze ball
  • Quick release valve: Yes

Power & Speed

  • Vibration power: Variable vibrations
  • Operation: Wired remote control
  • Vibration: Multispeed
  • Power: Batteries
  • Battery: Exclusive
  • Battery type: AA Batteries (Penlite)

More specifications

  • CE tag: Yes
  • User level: More Experienced
  • Weight: 313 gram
  • Package size: 16x18x11 cm
  • Origin: China
  • EAN: 4024144556182

Service & Returns

Reviews (10)

10 reviews
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  • L.
    Expert review
    Allright, here is a confession... My wife (a little) and I (especially) like vacuum toys. So we were excited to test this one.
    pussy pump

    How does the item arrive.

    Right. A vaginal pump. This set includes a bulb pump, a vaginal cup, a vibrating egg that fits the cup and they are all packed in one box. Not that positive about the package; it looks pretty cheesy. But the content is sleekly wrapped so let's have some fun.


    You will receive a clear plastic cup provided with a soft rubber edge for extra comfort. A small hose with a bulb hand pump that will create a vacuum when pumped. Last but not least, a vibrating egg with a remote control that exactly fits the opening in the cup. The remote control double serves as a battery compartment with two AA batteries. The egg and remote control are connected through a cord.


    It is simple. Place the cup over the vagina (in this case my wife's). By creating a vacuum, the labia will swell up which creates both extra sensitivity and a different look. Either you like it or not, but we sure did!

    We have more of these from different brands so we can compare well. The shape of the cup is important. There will be quite a lot of pressure so it needs to be seamless. It was all there and pretty comfortable too.

    Both the hose and pump work fine, but handle with care so the hose will not get disconnected. Just so you know. No more problems after that.

    We totally did not understand the goal of the vibrating egg. The egg will not touch the vagina. The entire cup vibrates but that did not do anything for us. The cable is also not very comfortable. We think it is much more fun to use it without the pump.

    You can leave the cup as long as you want. After about fifteen minutes the vagina may not look any different but you can sure feel it! If you use it longer, the labia will swell up considerably which (in our opinion) is the ultimate goal. Commit about an hour to it. The longer you pump, the more you will feel which will be totally worth it when having sex afterwards. Fan-tas-tic!!!


    The pump ball could be more sturdy. We can do without the vibrating egg. The cup is perfect and that is what it is all about! A lady that will take her time will experience unreal sensations. Her partner can enjoy a great look and a tight and full feeling. Take your time, enjoy the experience and have a brilliant orgasm!
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  • bert
    Dispenser is not so great. Takes a long time to fill.
    Fortunately, our old one fits it too and it works better.
    Otherwise it works fine and fits well.
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  • Henk
    I don't like it at all
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  • Blondie
    Wonderful feeling... You can feel your heartbeat in your vagina!
    And everything is nicely swollen, after a while having your orgasm is fantastic
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  • Sandra
    Really a great feeling and get super excited about it. I just have to take off my clitoral piercings before use
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  • Ken. C
    Very awkward to use, and won't be right for everyone. It's made of hard plastic, so it doesn't have any give to it.
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  • maxi orgasmes
    Wooow, that was so amazing.
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  • Babs
    Highly recommended. Cumming after use is very nice
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  • Ab
    Learn to use it
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  • Patsy
    Really good, fits perfectly, fantastic feeling.
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