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    Boners Penispump No. 2

    £ 32.04 £ 25.98
    incl. 20.0 % VAT excl. shipping costs
    Product number : BON025
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    Product information

    • Large pump
    • Larger penis
    • Harder erection
    • With grip pump & air pressure realease valve
    • Perfect for more experienced users
    • Colour: Transparent

    Give your penis more volume with this large penis pump. Apply some water-based lubricant to the opening and to your penis and let your penis glide inside. Start pumping using the finger pump and watch your penis grow a little each time. With the air pressure release button, you can release the vacuum at any time. The pump has a large size, which makes it perfect for more experienced users.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: BON025
    • Brand: Boners
    • Colour: Transparent
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: Boners Penispump No. 2


    • Length: 32.50 cm
    • Inner length: 30.00 cm
    • Maximum diameter: 6.50 cm
    • Minimum diameter: 2.00 cm
    • Inner diameter: 5.50 cm
    • Outer diameter: 6.90 cm


    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Material: ABS, TPR
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
    • Stimulation Target: Penis
    • Quick release valve: Yes

    Power & Speed

    • Operation: Grip Pump

    More specifications

    • CE tag: Yes
    • Weight: 424 gram
    • Package size: 37.5x8x8 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 8719497668045

    Service & Returns

    Reviews (28)

    28 reviews
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    • ?
      Really convenient
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    • Whalhard
      Chosen for the tube size because most are just a little too small. I quickly replaced the pump system with electric that I already had lying around because it is rather awkward otherwise.
      So only interesting for when other models are a bit too small.
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    • Sir Oistos
      The product broke pretty quickly on me , the Silicone ring on the bottom tore.
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    • Leo
      Is very big when you take it out of the package, but if you have a larger diameter this pump is very suitable. The cuff does feel a bit hard. Smart to order a softer cuff right away.
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    • John
      Completely happy with it. Great suction power, solid material.
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    • Genieten
      A pleasure from the moment you enter and use it daily. Wonderful to see the penis completely sucked. You see and feel a noticeable difference after some use. Could be even suck more of a vacuum for me. We enjoy this together.
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    • Anoniem82
      For most people, the Boners Penis Pump No. 1 would be enough
      However, that model has a squeeze ball
      The Boners Penis Pump No.2 has a grip pump which in my opinion is much nicer to work with
      than the squeeze ball that comes with the other model
      In addition, the size is also almost suitable for everyone
      The rubber ring at the bottom may be a bit tight for some
      Use of lubricant is highly recommended here
      There is no cock ring supplied so you would have to order it yourself which some may see as a disadvantage.
      However, this gives you the freedom to make your own choice.
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    • Charel
      Purchased this penis pump to see if such a thing really works.

      Putting it together was simple, but you never get it back in the supplied housing should you want to.

      Use lubricant, otherwise it can hurt quite a bit when you vacuum it up properly.

      Glad I bought the large version, because if your member is not perfectly straight it will hit the side and that is not a nice feeling.

      Vacuuming is perfect and works well.
      You can read the length on the side and after vacuuming you can read it again.
      If you repeat this a few times, you will notice some difference in circumference and length. Don't do this every day, because it gets a little more sensitive over time. It may even cause some pain if you keep pumping, do this once in a while during the month, then it will indeed work as expected.

      You can also put on a penis ring after vacuum sucking, then your member will stay as thick and hard for a while.

      So with all my skepticism it is really true, such a penis pump works, if used properly.
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    • Henk
      Unfortunately it was a bad buy, the first one was delivered with a tear in the rubber. Phoned up and received a new one. Very neat. But a tear in the rubber after using it only once? A bad buy.
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    • Flopo
      Not convinced of the effectiveness once removed.
      A little disappointed
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