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Brand: FPPR.

FPPR. Vagina Masturbator

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Product number : FPPR001
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Product information

  • Soft and flexible
  • Vagina opening
  • Napped
  • Discreet casing
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour: Beige

Enjoy an intense stimulation and an unforgettable climax with this masturbator from the FPPR. collection! The sleeve has a realistic colour and a realistic vagina opening. The inside of the sleeve is napped and ribbed for maximum stimulation of your penis. After use, remove the sleeve from the casing and properly clean it with water and toy cleaner or a mild antibacterial soap. The masturbator has a very discreet look, so you can put your new toy on your nightstand or take it with you in your bag without any worry.

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Sizes & specifications

Product information

Product number:
Warranty Type:
Good Warranty Service
Original name:
FPPR. Vagina Masturbator


17.00 cm
Inner length:
14.50 cm
Maximum diameter:
6.00 cm
Minimum diameter:
1.00 cm
Outer diameter:
6.00 cm


Suitable lubricant:
Water Based
Penis stimulation
Internal structure:

More specifications

CE tag:
User level:
285 gram
Package size:
17x6x6 cm

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Reviews (424)

  • Kees
    Expert review
    Written at color: White
    I recently tried out the FPPR masturbator from EasyToys. I was curious to see if this male toy could compete with the infamous Fleshlight, which I also got to try once. 

    First impression

    The first thing I noticed was that this toy is a lot smaller than what I'm used to. The Fleshlight masturbators are hidden in an in quite a 'bulky' flashlight. The masturbator I had in front of me was quite a lot smaller. After removing the plastic wrapping from the masturbator, I noticed that the masturbator fits very nicely in my hand because of the grooves in the case. Now that the plastic had been removed, the cap could also be removed. I had the faux vagina model and it felt very soft. Once again, similar to the material that Fleshlight uses for their toys. So let's try it out!

    In practice

    I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this toy! The handle-like case fits easily in your hand and you can create a suction effect with the hole on the back of the masturbator. The inside features a lot of studs. You can clearly feel them. The toy is large enough to penetrate fairly deeply, but will be just a bit too small to cover the entire length of the penis for the average gentleman. The compact size and grip make it easier to hold than the masturbators I was used to. 

    What was also handy is that a kind of spongy block was placed inside the masturbator. This ensures that no lubricant can come out when you use the toy. I also didn't find a drop of lube after using it either, so it works great with the air hole at the back. 


    After use, you can easily remove the sleeve from the housing and rinse everything thoroughly under the faucet. So easy a child could do it! But it is more suitable for us lazy men :)

    The toys are not too expensive, I saw on the website, so I can definitely recommend them if you are curious about a masturbator. The quality can definitely compete with more expensive male toys!
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  • Adrie
    Written at color: Beige
    Unfortunately very poor quality, I couldn't get it in properly, but from the mount it appeared that I was poking out in the side instead of straight in. Also on the small side, but with proper design I think it should fit.
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  • Tommie
    Written at color: Beige
    Because of all the great reviews, I was very hopeful when I bought this product. Unfortunately, my penis wouldn't fit in the sleeve without being in pain, which was a disappointment. Also, the fleshlight made a kind of air-pressure sound when I thrust into it. I wouldn't recommend it for people with a thicker penis
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  • Joey
    Written at color: Beige
    I guess I'm above average endowed, so I had to take it out of the shaft. I noticed right away that it was very thin in one spot. So that's where I almost punctured it with my penis, and I had to try hard to direct my penis in the other direction. It affected my user experience tremendously.
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  • Smuldervan
    Written at color: Beige
    I had a Fleshlight prior to this. This was much bigger and wider, but primarily also more expensive. Have now ordered the Fppr and for my average sized 15 cm penis this is large enough and feels almost the same as the Fleshlight. I can imagine that larger penises would have trouble fitting. Suction effect can be achieved by placing a finger on the hole. A pleasant feeling, especially when you reach an orgasm.
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  • Rich82
    Immediately tested and it's wonderfully tight.
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  • NicknameJ
    Written at color: Beige
    I think this is a good product. I noticed that it's too small for me. I quickly went deeper into the sleeve than normally should be possible. It also didn't stay in place in the plastic tube that well.

    Again, I think it's because of my length and not the product, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.
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  • Pro-rukker-T
    Written at color: Beige
    The fppr arrived after a couple of days and I was really looking forward to using it. The vagina's opening is way too small so I couldn't insert my penis. So I am very disappointed and I do not recommend this. Maybe it works better if you're slightly under average length. Well, you can't expect the world for 10 euros.
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  • Stephen8
    Feels good.
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  • Xander
    Written at color: Brown
    I'll start with something positive first; the material feels good and its compact size makes it easy to store. But it wasn't a success for me. It is too tight and too shallow with the tube around it, so the entire sleeve keeps disappearing in the tube. It also makes a lot of noise when penetrated, as if you were using a ball pump (not a sex toy but like for a football). Finally, the cap is difficult to remove, so the second time I used it, I pulled off the ring that the sleeve clamps around with the cap and all.
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