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The prostate is an erogenous zone that, when stimulated properly, can lead to an intense orgasm. The zone is often linked to sex between homosexual men. However, even though there are still some taboos surrounding prostate stimulation today, an increasing number of heterosexual men are becoming aware of their prostates. We’ll talk you through the different ways to stimulate your prostate!

The prostate

The prostate is located about 5 centimetres inside the rectum. The function of the prostate is to produce the fluid which contains the man’s sperm cells and carries them out during ejaculation. This prostate fluid has a milky white colour and ensures that the sperm cells stay alive longer.

During ejaculation, the prostate contracts and the prostate fluid containing the sperm cells comes out. The moment the prostate tightens, the bladder neck also tightens to prevent any sperm from entering your bladder.

Did you know that… the prostate is also called the male G-spot?

The prostate as an erogenous zone

There are a lot of nerve endings around the prostate. Because of that, it’s a very sensitive erogenous zone. Touching the prostate during sex, for instance, by having a finger or penis inside the anus, can cause intense arousal.

Different ways to stimulate the prostate

There are countless toys and techniques that can be used to stimulate the prostate. Penetration can help a man to stimulate his own prostate as well.

Prostate massage

Make sure you cut your nails short, and that no sharp edges remain. The anus is a sensitive place where sharp nails can feel very unpleasant. Using a finger vibrator will offer extra stimulation during the massage.

The man can lay on his back with his legs raised or in the air. Then, turn the palm of your hand so that it’s facing him when you enter the anus with your finger. You know you’re in the right place when you feel something bumpy, slippery, and bulging the size of a walnut on the side of the stomach.

Massaging the prostate is not something to be done quickly. It requires a lot of time and attention. After a while, as the arousal increases, the prostate will become larger. This may make the man feel like he has to pee, but that feeling will quickly pass.

You can massage, stimulate, or ‘milk’ the prostate. You do this by rubbing it, letting your entire finger slide past the prostate, or putting pressure on the prostate, or you can alternate your movements. However, do discuss what your partner wants beforehand.

Keep doing this until he eventually ejaculates. Don’t suddenly pull your finger out of the anus after he ejaculates. After an anal orgasm, the sphincter muscles clench up, and sudden movements like that can be very painful.

Did you know that… a prostate massage can contribute to the health of the prostate?

Sex toys for prostate stimulation

Would you rather not use your fingers to stimulate the prostate? The prostate stimulators listed below might offer a solution! Of course, they can also be used during solo sessions.

Prostate dildo

A prostate dildo can be recognized by the angled tip, allowing easy access to the prostate. Prostate dildos come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are equipped with a little something extra so that the man’s perineum, the area between the anus and the scrotum, can be stimulated as well. The prostate can also be stimulated by applying pressure to the perineum.

Prostate vibrator

Prostate vibrators also feature curved shafts and bent tips. Unlike a prostate dildo, the vibrator makes it possible to stimulate the anus and prostate even more by using different vibration settings. By using the remote control or turning knob, the power and speed of the vibrations are easily adjustable.

Prostate butt plug

A butt plug is a plug that completely seals off the anus. This butt plug has a unique shape with a bent tip, allowing the butt plug to stimulate the prostate even more. The broad base prevents the butt plug from going all the way inside the anus.

Positions for prostate stimulation

There are different positions in which the prostate can be stimulated. These positions can be performed by both man-man couples and woman-man couples, the latter with the help of a strap-on dildo, for a type of penetration known as ‘pegging‘.

The most common sex position for anal sex is doggy-style, but other positions can also be used for prostate stimulation. The most important thing is that the penis is at a certain angle so your partner’s prostate can be stimulated via their anus.

Note! It’s essential to use a generous amount of anal lubricants during anal sex since this part of the body doesn’t produce any moisture of its own.

What is your experience with prostate stimulation? Let us know in the comments below!

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