How to use a penis pump

how to use a penis pump

Penis pumps are mainly used by men with erection problems and for penis enlargement. However, it’s also a popular sex toy that can provide lots of pleasure. So, how exactly does a penis pump work and what can you do with it? In this blog post, we’ll answer all of your questions about these handy tools!

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump, also called an erection pump, is a cylinder that you slide over your penis. There are many different models but usually the case is made of plastic. The pump sucks, creating a vacuum, which then causes the blood vessels in the shaft of your penis to expand. This increases the blood flow into the erectile tissue, making your penis bigger and your erection harder. This means that a penis pump is an ideal solution for many men with erection problems. It is also a popular sex toy where the “sucking” action provides ultimate satisfaction.

“A penis pump causes blood vessels in the shaft of your penis to expand. This increases the blood flow into the erectile tissue, making your penis bigger.”

So, a penis pump ensures a firm and long-lasting erection. It is therefore an ideal tool for men with erection problems. Someone with erection problems can still have sex with their partner using a penis pump. For these men, as well as for their partners, a penis pump is really an ideal solution.


However, even men who aren’t dealing with the problems above can be pleasured with a penis pump. For example, a penis pump can also be used for masturbation. There are various techniques you can try.

  • Milking: you move the cylinder up and down on your penis. This technique is most similar to the best known form of “jacking off”.
  • Shaking: if using the pump for longer sessions, your erection can decrease. Shake the tube with your hand or by rocking your hips to stimulate the nerves in your penis.
  • Pulse pumping: with this technique, you continuously change the pressure levels of the pump. Gradually decrease the pressure, then quickly build it up again. Try it and see what works best for you.
  • Wrapping: in order to have even better blood flow in your penis, put the tube of the penis pump in something warm. For example wrap it in an electric blanket or immerse it in warm water.

Combining the penis pump with a cock ring

A penis pump is often used together with a cock ring. Men who are having trouble keeping their erection also benefit from a cock ring. As with a penis pump, the ring ensures the blood in the erectile tissue can’t flow back. Put the ring around the penis before sliding on the penis pump. As with the penis pump the cock ring keeps the blood in the penis. After using the penis pump, the cock ring ensures a longer-lasting erection.

How does a penis pump work?

  • Insert the penis up to the base of the cylinder.
  • For extra comfort, you can use some lubricant around the insertion point of the pump.
  • Next, use the hand pump or remote control (in the case of an electric penis pump) to create a vacuum in the tube.
  • Do not use the vacuum pump for more than 30 minutes to prevent damage to the blood vessels.
  • After having an erection, the vacuum can be removed by pressing the pressure release valve.

Women can also use a penis pump by placing it against their clitoris or labia for example. The sucking motion of the penis pump on the nipples can also be very arousing. If you want to use the pump more often on the female body, you can also purchase a special vagina pump or nipple suckers.

Different types of penis pumps

You can choose from several different types of penis pumps. We’ve made a little list for you.

Hand and electric penis pumps

The hand pump has a soft, hollow ball at the end that creates suction when squeezed. This type is easy to use but you will have to do the work yourself. Contrary to the hand penis pump, the vacuum in the cylinder is automatically controlled with an electric penis pump. With a remote control or buttons on the pump, you can turn the pump on and off and control the pressure in the cylinder.

Transparent penis pumps

Most penis pumps are transparent and that’s a good thing. It’s not only fun to watch your penis increase in size, you can also see how your junk responds to the suction. For example, you can spot any small bruises that may develop very quickly because you might not always feel them immediately. Some transparent penis pumps have ruler marks on them. That comes in handy when you want to see exactly how much your penis has grown.

With pressure gauge

Are you opting for a pressure gauge with your pump? The gauge can either be attached to the handle or at the end of the tube. With this gauge you can track how high the pressure level has built up in the tube. This way, you can keep an eye on the pump and know if it is creating too much pressure in the vacuum. You’ll also be able to see what level of pressure you like the most.

Have you ever used a penis pump? How was your experience? Share it with us in a comment below!

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