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    Pjur Back Door Relaxing Lube

    £ 19.99
    100 mL (£ 199.90 / 1 L)
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    Product number : 10530-01
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    Product information

    • Silicone lubricant
    • With Jojoba extracts
    • Specially designed for anal use
    • Relaxes the muscles
    • Colour: Transp.
    • Content: 100 mL

    Developed specially for intensive anal sex. With
    high-grade jojoba extracts as in pjur analyse me!
    Relaxing anal glide, but in a higher
    concentration. Silicone-based and condom
    compatible. Lidocaine- and Benzocaine-free, so
    it can be used daily. Perfect in combination
    with pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Spray.

    Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Simmondsia Chinensis, (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: 10530-01
    • Brand: Pjur
    • Colour: Transp.
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Content: 100 mL
    • Original name: Pjur Back Door Relaxing Lube

    More specifications

    • Weight: 120 gram
    • Origin: Germany
    • EAN: 0827160104368
    • Unit price: 100 mL (£ 199.90 / 1 L)

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    Reviews (42)

    42 reviews
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    • Marc
      Tester review
      Lubricant! This may be the most undervalued product. It should be in everyone's night stand. Lubricant is nice for both manual (jerking off, fingering) and vaginal sex (penis in vagina), but it is essential for anal sex! Contrary to the vagina, the anus does not have natural lubricant to reduce friction during penetration. Apart from all the preparations to get the other person 'in the mood', not having lubricant is probably one of the most important reasons why people find it unpleasant.

      For anal sex, thicker lubricants are usually better. The anus' walls are thinner than the vaginal walls and they don't lubricate naturally. No lubricant may cause small tears in your rectum (which is not just unpleasant but also increases risks for infections or an STD).

      So lubricant is a must for all anal sex, regardless of your gender or orientation. If you want anal sex with either a penis or a toy, Pjur may be one of the best lubricant brands, so I was more than willing to test this slippery stuff.

      Pjur Back Door Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide: what is it?

      This Pjur lubricant was especially developed for anal sex. Some features really appealed to me. For example, this lubricant is silicone based (dimethicone en dimethicon). Pjur says it contains a higher concentration of silicone (contrary to other Pjur products for anal sex). Therefore this product works well for more intensive anal sex. The skin has a tendency to absorb water. So water-based lubricant usually dries out fast. Silicone-based lubricants like these don't have to be applied as often. It is also a little harder to wash off, which is a small downside. Dimethicone is pretty greasy.

      Also, you can use this lubricant with latex condoms. If you are not in a monogamous relationship, you should use a condom during anal sex to reduce the risk of infections or an STD.

      Also, I think it is important that this lubricant does not include narcotics like lidocaine or benzocaine. These are ingredients that numb the skin and are sometimes used in a 'relaxing' lubricant. It is better to let your body tell you when something hurts (so you can take it easy to prevent damage to the anus wall), so I am against it. Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Silicone Glide uses jojoba and amyris instead to relax the muscles and soften the skin. These are natural ingredients that you will find in moisturizing lotions as well.


      There is not much unboxing with a lubricant. Even so, there are a few things about the Pjur packaging that stand out. For instance, there are several logos and quality certifications on the bottle, including the German Dermatest certification and the CE mark.

      It is also important to note that the bottle has a screw top instead of a dispenser. I was disappointed at first but Pjur thought it out well. There is a big downside to a dispenser; bacteria may collect around it which may spoil your lubricant.

      The test drive.

      Although Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide has a high silicone concentration, it still seems pretty thin and watery at first. But when applying it to the skin you will notice that it feels silky without getting sticky. It is also odor- and tasteless.

      This Pjur lubricant may be one of the most durable ones I know. The high silicone concentration makes it last long without drying up or pulling the skin. It also doesn't foam. You do not need as much as other lubricants. Even after 10 minutes, Pjur still works great.

      My partner (woman) on the receiving end, likes sex on the rougher side (also anally). She said it had a slight numbing effect, but not really present.

      This Pjur variant also works great with toys. We used it on a glass plug which made it slide in a lot easier and faster than with our usual lubricant.


      Pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide pros:


      It lasts a long time, is not absorbed by the skin so you don't have to re-apply at all or only after a long time. A small bottle lasts a long time.
      You only need a little bit.
      No numbing ingredients but natural additives (jojoba) for relaxation.
      As it doesn't wash off easily you can use it in the shower or bathtub.
      High quality silicone that can be used with (silicone) sex toys (although Pjur says it is better to test first to be on the safe side).
      Dermatologically tested

      The cons:

      The relaxing effect is nice for the receiving person but it may have a (negative) effect on the person with the penis. As it may become a little insensitive. You may last longer (woohoo) but it may also be harder to get 'over the edge.'
      Hygienically, the screw top instead of a dispenser was a conscious choice. The bottle will get slippery faster though.
      It is a little watery which makes you spill easily.
      Because it is extra greasy it is not just harder to wash off (you may have to wash 2 or 3 times with warm water and mild soap before it is gone) but it also leaves greasy stains on your clothes or bedding that will not come off easily.
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    • Witte pauw
      Extremely good lubricant and has a good relaxing effect increases pleasure and reduces pressure and pain, just a pity it stains on satin sheets.
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    • Pawel
      Works as it should, it is also economical to use and really glides.
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    • eddy2901
      super product does what it should do and as described
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    • Ikke
      Disadvantage that it affects the toys so they break faster
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    • M
      If you decide to try something different and want to try anal, you should definitely buy this!
      Is lovely to use!
      The lubricant stays on for a long time and does not dry out like others do.
      I'm a big fan. I recommend it to everyone!
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    • johanh1981@live.nl
      The pjur backdoor lubricant is really good it gives a nice and pleasant feeling when penetrating the penis into the anus. And does not stick like the Durex lubricants.
      So a real must.
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    • Henk
      Nice lubricant that lasts a long time. Definitely recommended
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    • Joris
      I am more of a fan of water-based ones.
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    • MEX
      Not much to be noticed from the relaxing effect, but still a good lubricant for the 'bigger' work. Although it cannot be used with all toys, because of the silicone, it's the best as anal lubrication. The twist-off cap is slightly irritating, could have been better thought through.
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