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    The top 5 best sex toys for women

    Sex toys can be a valuable addition to a woman's sex life. They offer the opportunity to discover and explore the body in new ways. EasyToys has put together this top 5 to give every woman the chance to experience what sex toys can offer. Keep reading to discover which toys you absolutely must have tried.



    Gildo is known for its unique and colorful designs and its massive, transparent materials that provide an exciting and sensual experience. The Gildo collection mainly focuses on dildos and butt plugs, offering a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Gildo's glass dildos and glass butt plugs are made of impact-resistant solid glass and are therefore completely safe to use.

    Gildo's glass dildos and butt plugs are not only a feast for the eyes, they also offer numerous benefits. Glass is a non-porous material, which means it is easy to clean and hygienic. This makes these sex toys both practical and alluring!



    Bloom is the perfect choice for the modern woman looking for high-quality sex toys. All Bloom toys are made of silky soft silicone, which provides a comfortable skin sensation and is easy to clean. In addition, Bloom's vibrators feature powerful motors and various vibration modes, packaged in a stunning box, making them a must-have for demanding users.

    With Bloom's unique swipe technique, you can easily and quickly swipe to your climax. The innovative sensor in the sex toys makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the toy in one motion. Simply choose your favorite mode with the push button, and then swipe to the perfect intensity for you. Bloom is the modern answer to old-fashioned enjoyment, without the hassle of buttons or cables.



    Womanizer is a well-known brand in the world of sex toys and has quickly gained a large group of female fans. This is due to the unique air pressure technology used in all Womanizer toys. This technology creates an unprecedented feeling and provides an intense and quick orgasm.

    Some popular models of Womanizer are the Womanizer Premium, the Womanizer Starlet 2, and the Womanizer DUO. These toys are praised for their powerful performance and ease of use. They are also waterproof and come in stylish packaging. Whether you are looking for clitoral stimulation only or also want to enjoy vaginal stimulation, Womanizer has the perfect toy for you. Womanizer has recently added the Womanizer OG to their collection. This vibrator also uses the unique air pressure stimulation technology, but at the same time offers internal G-spot stimulation.



    MyMagicWand is a brand that focuses on creating the ultimate experience with their powerful wand vibrators. With the MyMagicWand wand vibrator, you can enjoy intense sensations on any desired location on your body. The wand vibrator features a flexible head that is interchangeable with various attachments from the EasyToys Wand Collection. This keeps the pleasure of your wand vibrator varied and never boring.

    MyMagicWand not only focuses on promoting pleasure, but also on helping to relieve muscle tension. The combination of these two functions makes the device unique and an absolute must-have. Whether you are looking for intense stimulation or relief of tension, with the MyMagicWand wand vibrator you can achieve both experiences.


    Good Vibes Only

    The Good Vibes Only collection consists of vibrators in various striking colors and is designed to appear accessible and luxurious. All Good Vibes Only products are made of body-safe silicone materials and offer multiple vibration modes for an optimal user experience. In addition, they are easy to charge via USB and completely waterproof, which means you can easily take them with you in the shower or bath.

    The Good Vibes Only collection is extensive and includes rabbit vibrators, vibrators specifically designed for the G-spot, clitoral stimulators, and even a couple's toy. Whether you're looking for some extra fun during solo play or with your partner, Good Vibes Only offers a suitable solution for every situation. All products contribute to a relaxed and exciting experience, with the sole goal of "Good Vibes Only."


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