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    The 5 best sextoys for men!

    Sex toys can be a valuable addition to your sex life and can make masturbating much more enjoyable and exciting. EasyToys presents the 5 best sex toys for men, suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Our selection offers a range of experiences, from seductive stimulation to intense pleasure. Choose the toy that best suits your desires and explore your body in a new way!



    OTOUCH is a brand known for its top-quality masturbators. The masturbators are specially designed for men who have little or no experience with sex toys. The easy operation makes it easy for beginners to start exploring new sensations.

    The stylish design and discretion of OTOUCH masturbators also make them suitable for men who do not want to have recognizable sex toys in their home. The functions, such as vibrating and sucking, and the self-heating function make using these masturbators a unique experience that comes close to the feeling of oral sex. The soft silicone material provides a comfortable feeling during use and will ensure even more pleasure. In addition, you can safely take OTOUCH masturbators with you in the shower or bath.

    In short, if you are looking for a first experience with sex toys or for a quality addition to your sex life, then the OTOUCH masturbators are definitely recommended.



    FPPR offers men the ideal solution on the go. The FPPR collection includes compact, discreet masturbators that you can easily take with you. With their innocent appearance, others will not suspect that you have a toy with you or on your nightstand!

    The masturbators consist of a soft, penetrable sleeve and a discreet housing. The sleeves are equipped with different stimulating structures for optimal stimulation of the penis. They are available in various colors and three openings: vagina, anus, and mouth. The comfortable housing also provides an excellent grip and at the bottom of the masturbator, you will find a hole that allows you to adjust the suction power. The sleeve is also easy to remove from the housing, allowing you to clean the toys easily and thoroughly.



    Arcwave is an innovative brand in the field of sex toys for men. Arcwave is known for its unique range of products that not only offer the usual stimulation but also integrate new technologies that provide an even more intense and enjoyable experience. An example of this is the Arcwave Ion, which uses Pleasure Air Technology. You may be familiar with this technology from sex toys such as Womanizer and Satisfyer, but in this case, it focuses on the frenulum for intense stimulation and orgasm.

    The Arcwave Ion is made of soft-touch silicone and is very user-friendly with three buttons on the control panel. With the Smart Silence button, the device automatically stops when there is no skin contact. The 8 different modes provide a unique massaging sensation and a mind-blowing orgasm.

    This, together with the included luxury storage box, makes the Arcwave Ion a discreet and easy-to-maintain toy. The device can be charged with the included magnetic USB cable and is always ready for use.



    Boners is a brand that focuses on men and has an extensive range of products for the penis and testicles. The assortment includes various types of cock rings, cock and ball stretchers, and grooming products that enhance masturbation. Boners strives for convenience and functionality in their products, which also have a rugged and masculine look and are suitable for men of all penis lengths and sizes.

    All Boners products are made from odorless silicone, which is non-porous and long-lasting. The soft and stretchy silicone always provides a perfect fit. After use, you can easily clean Boners sex toys with a toy cleaner.



    The Hueman collection includes a range of products, from anal stimulators to futuristic penis rings. Hueman's butt plugs and prostate stimulators are easy to operate with a wireless remote, allowing you or your partner to build up the excitement. The brand's futuristic penis rings guarantee the wearer a long-lasting erection and even more stimulation during sex. The products enhance the sexual experience, but are also a real feast for the eyes. In our opinion, a great addition to any nightstand!

    Anal stimulation

    Anal stimulation in men is an accepted form of sexual exploration and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Hueman offers products such as prostate stimulators and butt plugs specifically designed for anal stimulation. Some of these products can also be operated with a wireless remote, which makes it possible to gradually build up the excitement or make it even more exciting by giving the remote to your partner.


    Want to know more?

    In addition to a list of the best sex toys for men, EasyToys also offers an extensive list of the best sex toys for women and practical tips for using them together with your partner. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or to discover together with your partner, we have the best advice and tips to enrich your sex life.