Couples Christmas Countdown – 12 exciting challenges leading up to Christmas

christmas countdown

The Christmas songs are already playing on the radio, the tree is decorated, and the plans for Christmas dinner have been made. Whether you like Christmas or not, an exciting countdown is always fun! We’ll help you get through the coming twelve days by giving you fun sex positions or exciting ideas for each day to try out together with your partner. Ready? Let’s go!

Game rules

You can earn points for every challenge you cross off. Get started together with your partner and countdown to Christmas in an exciting way. Will you let us know how many points you’ve won?

The total number of points you can get is: 22

Continue where you left off? Navigate to the right day!

Day 1 – Sex position: The Italian Chandelier

We kick things off with a complex position that is also a good workout: the Italian Chandelier. For this position, the woman sits on top of the man with her feet next to his hips and her hands behind her next to his chest, so that she’s supporting herself with her hands and feet. This requires a lot of muscle strength but also burns a lot of calories! A good reason to practice this sex position before Christmas 😉

Earns you: 3 points

Day 2 – Roleplay

Roleplay is always a good idea! You enter into a world in which everything is possible and where all of your sexual fantasies and wishes can come true. For instance, you can surprise your partner by putting on some roleplay lingerie. This way, you can quickly get into the role of sexy maid, tough police officer, or seductive schoolgirl.

Earns you: 1.5 points

Day 3 – Erotic play

You could use a bit of extra warmth and excitement during these cold days, right? Spice things up by playing some erotic games. Trust us, this will warm you up straight away 😉 You also get to know your partner in a completely different way by playing an erotic game!

Earns you: 1.5 points

Day 4 – Put a Ring on it!

No, no, not that kind of ring (phew!). We’re talking about a vibrating cock ring, of course. As a man, a cock ring helps you experience a firmer and longer-lasting erection. With a vibrating cock ring, you and your partner will also enjoy the stimulating vibrations. And, did you know that a cock ring also helps you last longer in bed?

Earns you: 2 points

Day 5 – Sex position: The Lotus

The holidays are all about the connection you have with your lover, for which the intimate sex position The Lotus is absolutely perfect! In this position, the man sits down cross-legged. The Woman then takes her place on her partner’s lap and faces him. She then clamps her legs around his waist and rocks back and forth. This position also allows for deep penetration.

Earns you: 1.5 points

Day 6 – 50 shades of Christmas

Giving your sex life a boost with some playful roleplay or by buying a new sex toy is always fun, but sometimes you’re just looking for a bit more excitement. Maybe just hearing the term ‘BDSM’ is enough for you to ring the alarm bell, but did you know that even just wearing handcuffs is part of BDSM? You don’t immediately have to go for the whips and chains. Even just using a blindfold or plush handcuffs can bring a lot of extra excitement and pleasure into the bedroom. Give it a try and see if it’s for you.

Earns you: 2.5 points

Day 7 – Blissful days with chocolate

Chocolate is known as an aphrodisiac, a product that stimulates your sexual desire and increases sexual arousal and satisfaction. In short, chocolate and sex are a great combination! So why not try making a sexy piece of art on your partner’s body using chocolate body paint (and then you get to lick it off their bodies in a sensual way). Or give them a sexy massage using edible chocolate massage crème.

Earns you: 1.5 points

Day 8 – Put on your sexiest lingerie

Nobody can look like a fairy-tale princess every day of the week, but why not use the holidays to surprise your partner with a sexy lingerie set! For instance, you can pick out a very revealing teddy or a short mini-dress. Success guaranteed! There is also plenty of lingerie for men available, so the men can also surprise their partners by dressing up in a sexy outfit.  

Earns you: 1 point

Day 9 – Experiment with double stimulation

Whether you’ve experimented with it before or not, double stimulation is a great thing to experience! You can go about it in different ways. For instance, by stimulating two sensitive places on your partner’s body at once for overwhelming pleasure or by using toys such as a vibrator or a double-sided dildo. You could also achieve double penetration by using a strap-on dildo. If you want to take things one step further, you could even consider a threesome!

Earns you: 2 points

Day 10 – Masturbate together

Masturbation is very healthy and also great for your sex life. So why not try masturbating together! Sit across or next to each other or lie down and touch yourself in the same way you always do when you’re alone. It might take some getting used to, but thanks to the great view of your partner, the initial awkwardness quickly fades. Masturbating together is also a great way to relax and get away from the stress of the busy month of December.

Earns you: 2 points

Day 11 – Body to body massage

A body to body massage is an erotic massage where you use your whole body. During the massage, your bodies intimately rub against each other. There are no rules to the massage, so you can do whatever you want with each other. The only thing you’ll need for this massage is a PVC sheet to protect your bed sheets and lots of lube.

Earns you: 1.5 points

Day 12 – Sex positions: The Pretzel

We end our Christmas Countdown with a delightful position: The Pretzel! The man can reach deep penetration in this position, while the woman’s G-spot is given plenty of attention. The idea is simple; the woman lies on her side, and the man slides over the lower leg. Her other leg clamps around his body. This makes it look like the two of you are intertwined. Just like a pretzel! Let’s hope for a sweet last day… 😉

Earns you: 2 points

Christmas Countdown – Counting down with multiple toys

Besides completing these exciting challenges, you can also make things even more exciting with one of our erotic gift sets. These erotic sets are filled with different toys and challenges. Enough to fill an entire evening together!

Which day are you looking forward to the most?

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